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What Clikclik does?

Do you schedule rides with friends with text messages, emails, and other notifications?  clikclik is designed to make planning rides and other activities, epic or otherwise, easier on everyone.  Check the short video link on "Problem Solved" to see what clikclik is talking about.

clikclik allow those planning rides and activities filable information that makes a ride invitation systematic so that no key information is left out.

clikclik allows our members the ability to create a team account where they can create teams, plan rides for the team only, or make a public team like a club for others to join.  Teams can post a race schedule, have a team profile screen, post a roster, and keep the team in sync about their riding, training, and practice schedules.  Teams, corporate, pro, amateur, and high school are welcome.  Please contact clikclik below if you are a high school coach to learn about a free account for HS teams (some info is required)

app coming soon

summer 2021

What Clikclik does?

Using clikclik you can invite friends who use the app or in your contact list.  Your cycling friends will be notified in the app and by a mobile notification.  

Using clikclik your cycling friends, bike buddies, or hiking partners can be notified in app and by mobile notification.  Other friends that do not have the app yet will be notified by text message.

Image by Markus Spiske
New Arrivals

What Clikclik does?

Using clikclik you will be able to see planned rides in your community and join them.  If you are visiting another community on business or on vacation you can Explore Rides Nearby to join in the fun, making rides while you travel much more possible   

Clikclik Merch in progress


Picturesque Bike Route


clikclik is a mobile app for cyclist of all types.  We strive to help our customers plan rides, meet friends, enjoy the outdoors and clik up to enjoy the amazing gift of bike riding.  clikclik is useful for a wide array of activities so that our customers can meet their friends in group rides and other activities.  clikclik was founded in 2021.  The clikclik crew look forward to your input to make clikclik better, and hope to see you enjoy your rides!  Let's Ride!

Mountain Bikers

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Please complete the information to send the Clikclik team a message.  We will get in touch with you via phone or email within 1-3 days.  We love suggestions and ideas, and if you have one we will be sure to respond.  If you would like a phone call, please leave your number in the message box.  

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