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Clikclik Bike Care Wash and Cleaning

For Customers  in the LA County Region


What will we do?

Clikclik Bike Clean will go to you and wash, clean, and lube your bike

Lube your chain and moving parts using bike specific lubes, or use a lube of your choice

Clean all components and make sure they are in working order

Wash and clean your bike so that it ready for the next ride

Call Us to schedule a mobile wash

(661) 733-1699

Road/MTB Bike Wash

Other Bike Wash

Other Bike Services

  • Clean and wash frame using

    • soap and water for mechanical system bikes

    • or specialty cleaning products that are bike specific for bikes with electronic components

  • Clean shifters and braking system

    • Soap and water for mechanical shifting and braking systems​

    • Spray and wipe using bike specific products that cannot have direct water spray (such as E-shifting systems)

  • Clean and lubing of the chain and derailleur system

    • Soap and water for mechanical drivetrains with lubrications​

    • E Shift cleaning products applied to electronic systems

  • Bike Inspection:

    • Tire pressure​

    • Visual on tire trueness and spoke check.

    • Ensure bolts and moving parts are tight and in working order

    • Tire Inspection for tread and wear

    • Chain Tension check

    • Pedal condition (tight, no wobble)

    • Shifting is working order through out the range of gears (this will be noted, but will not be adjusted)

    • Handle bar tape, and grips are in working condition.

  • E-Bikes and bikes with E-shifting systems must be washed using different cleaning methods cannot have a soap and water method applied

  • Recumbent bikes, hand pedaled bikes, bamboo, and other special material bikes take extra time to wash and have a premium fee added

  • Kids bike cleanings are $10

  • These services can only be added on with  the purchase of a bike wash or pay the additional service fee of $35

  • Spare Pack Restocking (i.e. spare tube, CO2 cartridge, quicklink, tape, patch kit, GUs, gels, etc.)

  • Cleat replacements (SPD, MTB, Look, Keo, etc.)

  • Bike Shoe Cleaning

  • Tube Replacement (Any bike) and Tubeless seating (MTB only)

  • Tubeless ready system added to tire if possible

  • Tubeless fluid (i.e. Stans, Peety's etc.) added to tubeless tires

  • Tire Replacement (either customer purchased or ordered through Clikclik)

  • Disc Brake Cleaning

  • Bike Frame Polish Applied

  • Suspension Lube

  • Thorough Chaining Cleaning

  • Chain Replacement

  • Kid's bike tube replacement

  • Other services available upon request

We love Clean Bikes!

We love Clean Bikes!

Outside of LA County, extra fees will apply

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