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What clikclik will help you do?

I live in a thriving cycling community, Palmdale, CA, that is filled with both mountain bikers, roadies, hikers, walkers, and runners that are constantly trying to connect with friends to make active events, like rides, happen. When I think about it, it is amazing to live in such a place as this that values friendship, health, and good trails and roads.

I began designing and creating clikclik with my friends in mind and I think in the brief snippet video you can see some of the fun, and chaos, that happens via text messaging regarding getting a ride together. This little video by no means encompasses all the messages that go out, not to mention the other sites like Facebook and Strava.

clikclik's aim is to help friends get a ride together more easily. I am not saying the text messages are bad, but they just get long and unorganized and the texting could go on and on. The goal is get rides together, channel the conversation, allow our customers to see rides they may want to join, and above all else ride safely with a group of friends!

I hope you found the short vid humorous, but true, and I hope in the future you will allow clikclik to help you in creating some epic rides in the near future. The app's projected release is the end of June and early July. If you have questions or you would like info, please don't hesitate to message me via IG, Twitter, email, post on this blog

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