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clikclik: Solo Rides Are Cool, but Group Rides Add Safety!

In my blog post I posted a widget that gives my ride feed so you can see my own rides and how most of them are solo rides. Now, I have to admit I do enjoy solo rides, but riding with friends and other cycling enthusiast is the safest way to ride.

If you look at my feed, the "Emma Loop" and "JDubs JH Loop" were rides into the mountains by myself. It was hot, climb centered, and there was a cyclists worst enemy: motor traffic. I would have to say that although these two rides were AAAMMMMAAAAZZZZIIINNNGGGG, I would have rather had someone there to ride with for companionship and safety. I know that when your training it is not always feasible to have a ride/training partner present, but wouldn't it be awesome to at least have the opportunity to post a ride so that others can join in if they have the time.

clikclik will have the function that a rider can post a public ride in their area (zip code) so that other riders can join if they would like. If the rider did not want to post the ride publicly, he or she could invite a team or friends for the ride so they could potentially join in the fun.

There is safety in riding in a group, from protecting the group from traffic to helping with mechanicals that often occur on the road or trail, and it is part clikclik's goal to help riders enjoy a group ride, and most importantly stay safe on the road.

On the two rides I wrote about in this article, on both rides I was low on water, it was hot, traffic for the most part was ok, I thought I could have had a flat from hitting "ill placed" rocks, and I felt cars get close by me which left me feeling vulnerable. As I was riding I passed by a sheriff on the road and was hopeful that he would slow down traffic to make it safer out there for cyclists, but the fact is that riding in a group is the safest way for cyclist. From MTB to road, from recumbent to hand powered MTB, clikclik wants our riders to plan rides that are not only epic, but epically safe! Be safe out there friends, and look forward to riding with you on clikclik!!

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