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Getting a Ride Together is a Challenge: Why clikclik is here?

clikclik was created while I was on the trail trying to figure out how I was going to get all my buddies together for an epic ride. I was riding alone on a deserted fire road on my stumpy trying to figure out how I was going to get all my friends together to go to a ride on a ride to the Angeles National Forest, in So Cal, called the Strawberry Peak Loop. This ride was going to be epic (and it was epic, check me out on Strava, follow me, and search my ride "Epic Strawberry Peak Loop Ride"), and this ride that I was hoping to get together was the spark that led to clikclik.

Three biking friends involved in the Ride Chat
The ride to Strawberry Peak was key

When I had the clikclik idea:

I had the idea while riding and I thought it would be awesome for a way for cyclists, MTB and Roadies, to have a way to "sync up" and plan Epic rides, Everyday rides, or any type of outdoor activity they thought of.

clikclik came to life

I the sought out to create a mobile application that would allow my friends and fellow outdoors lovers a more simple and organized way to plan rides, connect with biking friends, chat with each other a maybe come up with some cool other ways for riders and friends to make epic happen. This is how clikclik came to life, and it will continue to get better...Let's Ride!

Views like this take so much organization to make possible
View of the San Gabriel Valley

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