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Plan a ride using clikclik!!

Do you want to plan an awesome ride this weekend with some of your favorite cycling friends? Whether it is MTB, Road, or Recumbent, clikclik wants to help you with the planning. clikclik knows the challenges in getting a riding group together for a ride and we are going to make that process easier.

When you download the app, there will be a Ride Feed and at the very top there's a button that says Plan A Ride. Tap that button and you will be able to put the details of the ride together, and forward this Ride Invitation to your bike buds to invite them to your ride. You not only will be able to invite friends that use clikclik, but also invite friends in your contact list that do not use the app.

Your friends will get a message that they can "Join the Ride," or decide not to go, or let you know "maybe" they will go. Your friends will get a tidy message that reviews the ride information, which includes the meeting spot, ride time, and who's going! It's going to be awesome to send out invites and create rides, hikes, and EPIC activities. If you would like to be notified for the release of this app, please become a member of the clikclik site and we will email you a welcome notification...if you give us your address we will mail you a clikclik sticker free (for the first 20 that register as of today).

We look forward to joining you in planning for epic!!!

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