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Bike Wash Pricing

  • Road with Electronic Shifting ($45)

  • Road with Mech Shifting ($35)

  • MTB with E Shifting (no water wash) $45

  • E-Bike ($45)

  • Other types of specialty bike ($ varies)

  • Kids bike, no shifters ($10)

  • Kids bike, with gear shifting ($25)

  • Additional Service Fee ($35 plus the cost of the service; choose this if you are only ordering a service and not a bike wash).

  • Large stable of Bike Wash Estimate__

Bike Care Services

  • Spare Pack Restocking (i.e. spare tube, CO2 cartridge, quicklink, tape, patch kit, GUs, gels, etc.) (fee varies based on needs).

  • Cleat replacements (SPD, MTB, Look, Keo, CB, Speedplay, etc.) Cost $ varies based on cleat.

  • Bike Shoe Cleaning  Cost $10

  • Tube Replacement (Any bike) Cost $5 per tire plus cost of tube

  • TubeTubeless ready system added to tire if possible ($40)less (MTB only) (cost $20 per tire)

  • Adding Tubeless fluid (i.e. Stans, Peety's etc.) to tubeless tires  (cost $10)

  • Tire Replacement (either customer purchased or ordered through Clikclik) (cost $20 + cost of tires)

  • Bike Frame Polish Applied ($20)

  • Disc Brake Cleaning ($15)

  • Suspension Lube ($10)

  • Detailed Chain Cleaning ($30)

  • Chain Replacement ($15 plus the cost of a new degrease and lubed chain, with quick link)

  • Detailed Cassette Cleaning (no cassette removal) ($10)

  • Kid's bike tube replacement ($5 plus cost of the tube)

  • Gear swap or addition to your bike ($ cost varies on the gear that needs to be changed or added)

  • New Bar Tape ($15 plus cost of bar tape, inserts, etc.)

  • New Chain Prep and waxing/lubing (strip factory grease, dry, waxing or lubing) 3-5 day ($100)

  • Bike Transport/Delivery (fee varies) $75 in LA County

  • Other services available upon request 

Schedule Care

Contact Us for: 

  • Monthly bike wash

  • Bi Monthly

  • Weekly

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